How To Create The Perfect Corporate Video That Clients Love

November 2, 2016 / By


How do you create love? The Beatles sang, “Can’t buy me love.” Certainly, but can you create a corporate video that clients love?


What is Love

You might overhear young teenage girls saying “I love these shoes!” or “I love that musician” or “I love that cell phone!” How did that brand gain the height of all human experience: love? What did they do to elicit such a powerful response? 

Of course, customers don’t love brands the same way as they do their parents; but they do feel a certain cohesion, security or attachment thereto. They feel comfortable around that brand. They feel that this product or service can help them achieve their goals in life. 

“Empowerment” is one of the primary ways that our video production in London can elicit love in your customers. Your promotional video can empathize with some gap in the viewers’ lives. You understand and feel their pain. Our promotional video understands how theatre accomplishes this adulation in the audience.


The entire World is a Stage…

…. and we are merely actors,” said William Shakespeare. Likewise, the top global corporate brands emphasize imagery. There are certain basic positives that have always existed: Love, Gold and Sun, and so forth. Our videographer can include these positive images to elicit a positive response.  

Take your corporate logos and products – we can place them in key locations in your promotional video. Via high-quality video editing, we can emphasize that your corporate brand is beneficial, good and positive. Customers will naturally love that which is wholesome.


Superior Video Mirrors

Our Oxygen Visuals videos mirror the best that life has to offer. We offer what people want to make themselves whole. Why do people emulate actors, politicians and athletes? Because they have achieved the good life.  

We can help you associate your brand with positive images around the City of London. Video production in London can build on the “empire on which the sun never set.” This can promote longevity and youthfulness. Our videographer can create this same theme.


Like Attracts Like

The natural spirit of positive emotions can flow out from your corporate video. You give the viewing audience – “good feelings” – and they love your brand in return. It is all a sense of mutual attraction.  

“Love is like Oxygen” according to the 1978 musical group, “Sweet.” Oxygen Visuals can create the positive imagery to make your brand loved by all. Discover the love at Oxygen Visuals.