How to Design an Effective Promotional Video for Optimal Use

January 25, 2017 / By

Video marketing is an effective method for promoting products and services. Although many companies have been promoting their businesses using television advertisements for a long period, the Internet and video production in London presents a completely new avenue for taking video marketing to a whole new level.

Video Placement and Promotion

Many video marketers upload their videos in popular video sharing websites on the Internet. These sites receive huge amounts of traffic daily hence increased product exposure. Marketers believe that many people, some of whom are potential customers, will watch their videos. To optimize their videos in online marketing platforms, marketers are advised to include relevant keywords in their video advertisements.

Going Viral

The overall objective of any video marketing campaign is to create a fan base. You can create an engaging and entertaining corporate video with the company mascot as the principal character. The main goal of such an advertisement is to make viewers enjoy the advertising video so much that they share it with their friends (going viral). Videos that go viral create such a huge fan base that helps to improve the reputation of the company being promoted and possibly increase sales.

Know Your Audience

Consider the main objective of your promotional video. Is it to increase sales, create awareness, entertain, or inform? Who will see it? Will it be shown in meetings, on a DVD or on the web? This information is key when designing a concept or passing a message. If humor works well with your audience, do not leave it out.

Do Not Forget the Script

Complete the script before starting production. In addition, video editing is an important element of creating a advertising video because it allows you to ensure that the video concurs with the legal department and serves your purpose.

Enjoy the Process

Take the process as an educational experience and have fun while doing it. Ask questions and discuss with your producer what can make your advertising video more effective. Create a good working environment during production to enhance creativity and fun.

Common Strategies

Video makers use various strategies to create promotional videos. One of the strategies involves organizing a video contest on a video hosting or sharing site. The team or videographer who creates the best video with the company’s mascot gets a cash prize. The contest will provide the competing parties to familiarize themselves with the business products and services and create promotional videos regarding the same. The videos will be seen by many people online, which will increase the reputation of the company and ensure visibility of its products or services.
Alternatively, create fan pages on social networking sites and encourage people to post videos of their experiences with your company products or services.