Tips About Video Editing That Gives Your Business A Boost

October 10, 2016 / By

Promotional Video

As a professional videographer, I often see mistakes dotting many videos that I find among businesses. Your business’s reputation relies on these visual creations in order to build a strong customer base. Instead of shooting a single-camera lecture, consider a more creative approach to your videos. Make your corporate video a star in its own right, and it will only draw in more customers every day.

Ideally, you need to think like a customer when a video is first being discussed. Video production in London usually involves several business people, products and service ideas for a successful campaign. You want the video to appeal to most of your audience so add in the products that they covet each day. If you have a popular item, highlight it at first while introducing a new product afterwards. Leading customers to a new item that’s just as spectacular as their original favourite is a clever way to boost business.

I might have a dozen products that need to be shot on a given video, but I don’t put them all into the same camera angle. Consumers need to see a given product with a close-up view. Closely focusing the camera on the item tells the public that the company has nothing to hide. I would also suggest turning the product around or spinning it on a table. The instructions can be made clear with that video gesture.

Every video producer understands that a business has many concepts that they want to convey, but you can’t do it all in one video. Keep the video as short as possible, such as two or three minutes. Holding anyone’s attention for longer than that time period isn’t realistic. This concept rings true for both in-person presentations and online types. Consider a handful of different videos with two-minutes lengths. Shoot all of these videos, and select one or two to show at your next presentation. You’ll have a better boost in sales as a result.

The shortest videos should also have multiple camera angles. Don’t overlook this detail because it’s critical for viewer attention and interest. At least three different angles should be involved on any video shoot alone.

I’m always keenly aware of both the foreground and background as I edit promotional video selections. Although your viewer may not focus on a fuzzy background, it does add to their viewing pleasure if it’s dynamic and colorful. At the end of the video, you may see an instant click from the customer as they fill up a virtual shopping basket or visit you on stage at a corporate event.