Ways To Quickly Edit Your Video That Does Not Waste Time

November 10, 2016 / By

Video Editing  

The demand for videos on the World Wide Web is simply insatiable. You can educate, entertain and connect with your customer’s 24/7/365. If you don’t have much time to waste, here are 3 ways to quickly edit your corporate video.    

Add Intro & Conclusion

This step is easy to forget, but make sure to add an introduction and conclusion. Make the intro short and succinct with date, time and title. Use the conclusion to list your contact information. You could create a draft intro and conclusion, then finalize the copy when done.  

Select the format – certain video formats are better for cell phones, desktop computers or online viewing. A smaller file size will run faster.  

Blur out bystander faces, logos and license plates to avoid lawsuits. Perfect the color, brightness and hue – some computers will make the video look different than when it is on your digital camera. Zoom into special features to highlight important elements.    

Add Text, Sounds & Transitions

Tell a story – add text, sounds and transitions to make the video entertaining. You can explain certain elements of the action. Remember that some of your viewers won’t understand what is going on, unless you tell them.  

The viewer will judge your brand by the quality of your promotional video. “Continuity” is an important concept for video production in London. Your entire story must contain similar, non-conflicting information. You can review the video on the “timeline.”    

Remove Excess

Sometimes, removal is a creative process. Not everyone wants to see your dirty laundry, so if something looks out-of-place, then simply remove it from your corporate video. The attention span of most viewers is very short – keep them entertained throughout.  

When you remove a section, you can add filters (special effects) and transitions to maintain continuity. You can also use trimming, cropping and splitting features to improve the video quality. You could mute certain sounds, so as not to offend any viewers. Subtitles might be useful for the hearing impaired.  

You can make the text appear in different ways – entering from either side, growing, spinning and so forth. Add your corporate slogan. Have some fun! Your customers are looking to be entertained.  

Fast video editing by our professionals at Oxygen Visuals can ensure that you have plenty of content for updating your Social Media. A professional videographer can complete the process in real-time. Keep your brand fresh with high-quality video editing in London.